Whats my story?

I live in the central belt of Scotland with my husband. We love living here as everything is just on our door step, great scenery, great food and access to fabulous cities and people.

As the youngest of a family of six, I think I’ve always been drawn to relationships and people.

During my 20 odd years in HR, I kept on thinking, when will I get to work on the good bit? The real “people” change programme. As luck would have it,  when I started my certification in coaching I realised I had finally found a way to get to that good bit!

I have now been coaching independently for nearly 20 years. I have met wonderful people along the way, clients as well as many trainers and teachers.

My coaching training was just the start of opening up a whole new world for me. Since then I have studied and integrated many principles and learnings from ancient wisdom to our modern day philosophies.

The thing that is so clear to me is that we have to find our own way to living and loving life. The focus has be from the inside out rather than outside in. That means taking time to find out what makes us tick, what makes us happy and discovering what it is that we constantly do to ourselves that puts us off track. And, when that happens, finding the way to recover and get focused again.

When we board a plane, one of the first things we are asked to do is to “attend to our own oxygen mask before helping others”. This is the essence of my work which is supported by the thread of 'Calm Mind, Open Heart, Strong Body' throughout. We really have to look at life in this integrated way to get meaningful, sustainable results.

You will also see below profiles of my specialist team, who are aligned with the same approach to living. Take some time to check them out.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you and I would love to have a chat to find out how we can best work together.  And in the meantime, I hope you can join me on one of my free zoom relaxation sessions. 

Here's to a calm and focused life!  

Ann Stevenson
September 2020


Specialist Team


Kaja is an inspiring and passionate coach. She works with people from all walks of life. She supports them in their self-discovery and growth. She has a mind, body and spirit approach throughout her tailored made programmes. People who are drawn to her work are those that are inspired to explore and activate their own potential.

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Lesley is a "make it happen" coach.  Her expertise is in working with people who are looking for a change of career, often following redundancy or early retirement to help find a new track and support them through the transition period.

She is a former corporate business consultant with over 20 years experience who provides small business and career coaching.

She is the owner of ethical jewellery brand Seahorse and Launch Your Craft Business, a specialist training provider.

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