Calm Mind, Open Heart, Strong Body

Kaja And Ann

There is something wonderful about discovering tools and techniques to Calm Your Mind, Open Your Heart and Feel Strong in Your Body. And finding that the ability to achieve all of these things is already within you.

Commencing 9th April 2020

You are welcome to join us for this FREE event. Which will now take place on Tuesdays.

We have set up 2 different time slots 12.30 and 18.30 (uk time) for a maximum of 30 minutes. Hopefully one of these times will suit your diary.

Here’s what past participants had to say:

“It was the best part of my week” “
”I just felt so calm afterwards”
“Clear in my head and a real sense of presence”
“So energising and refreshing”
“I feel so relaxed now”
“I felt amazing afterwards”
“Great energy and calmness for me which has been lacking in my life”
“ I went deeper, quicker, and more of a direct route to the destination - I feel so excited”
“These sessions help me find deeper relaxation, more insight into the subtlety of the body’s energies and a better sense of my intrinsic motivations, without effort.”

It will be our pleasure to welcome you on this exciting journey.

To enrol contact: Ann Stevenson ann@stillpointassociates.com
or Kaja Magnussen kajamagnussen@me.com kajamagnussen.com

Ann and Kaja

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