Design your life from the inside out  - Coaching and Meditation

Calm Centered Living

Using your innate internal resources to live your life on purpose.

It's an interesting time to be alive, our 24/7 world is presenting us with lots of challenges and opportunities.  We are having to find a new way to live, as many changes including the  ongoing global pandemic, unfold in ways we never imagined.

As we find a new way, we can find this stressful, with "untold pressures",  OR we can consciously choose to utilise this time to design the life we want from the inside out.

Learning to roll with life, and getting into a zone where you feel aligned with who you are on the inside is possible...

It starts with raising your awareness and then becoming conscious of how you can:

  • quieten the endless mind chatter to a balanced, calm, even peaceful mind

  • create a daily practice that's just right for you

  • learn to respond to situations rather than react situations

  • recognise your body's intuitive signals and learn to act from a strong physical and emotional place using your innate resources

  • tap into the vision of the person you really want to be and start being that person now

  • own your voice and speak with authencity and integrity, because it is the real you

My approach is unique, it's based on over 20 years of studying and integrating many principles and learnings from ancient wisdom to our modern day philosophies. More importantly, I put these learnings into practice in my own life in a very practical, grounded way.  This gives my clients the benefits of tried and tested learning together with a non formulaic approach that is tailormade for them. This is definitely not a one size fits all approach.

Find out more - Are we a good fit?

Changing your life,  is a very personal experience and it's important to feel a connection with the person who is guiding and supporting you through those changes.

Let's have a quick call to find out if we are a good fit in terms of what you want to achieve and the support that I offer?